The Mfd_PlotManager lets you automatically create a serie of PDF-Exports of a Layout focussing on all records in a Drawing.


The concept is known from AutoCAD Map but much easier to manage in Manifold GIS.

  1. On startup choose Manifold project file.
  2. Choose a Layout Component from the list of Layouts in the project that are bound to a Map.
  3. Choose a Drawing from the map. The PlotManger will export a PDF file for every object in that drawing (Scope currently not implemented). It could be a Drawing of sheets that cover the  extend of each plot. They may be visible or not. It could be the objects of interest themselfs of any type and geographic complexity.
  4. You can choose to center each object in the plot, adjust scale so that each object fills the current view or you configure a reduction of scale for a margin around each object. If you decide not to move the center of view all plots will show the same scale and extend as saved in the project.
  5. Configure a pattern to to create file names for the export files. Choose a column from the sheets Drawing to create unique basenames. The default is „Out“<[ID]>
  6. Choose a path for export
  7. You can change raster and vector resolution under Options as Manfolds defaults are improper for paper maps.
  8. Start Plot to kick off the series of export. Mfd_PlotManager will automatically close when finished.

Mfd_PlotManager offers two mechanisms to add information to the single plots that is specific for the current object:

  1. Text replacement: The text element in the layout containing the name of a column of the sheets drawing enclosed in escape sequence ‚[$<column name>$]‘ is replaced by the contents of this column in the current record of the sheets drawing. The download contains an example to get you started.
  2. example_mapScripting: If your project contains a Sub named ‚BeforePageExport‘ this is called each time a new object in the sheets drawing is selected and the layout view changed as configured and just before the page export. Your customized Sub can evaluate the currently selected record of the sheets drawing and change any layout elements as required. However it should exit with exactly the selection in sheets drawing that was active when the Sub was called.

Installation: Mfd_PlotManager.exe is a stand alone program that can only run on a computer with an activated Manifold 32bit version 8.0.29. A runtime version should do.

 This tool was presented on the Manifold user meeting in London 2008.

With your download you accept our disclaimer of warranty.

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